Up till now, over 30 years of activity, more than 300 sheimos collection bins have been set up around the country in 130 cities and settlements. These bins serve every Jewish resident in the country who wishes to treat his sheimos with proper respect, according to Jewish law.

The following list will help you locate the nearest sheimos collection bin in your area.

City Address Near Synagogue:
Ashkelon In the Cemetery
Beit Yosef - Yardena Yad Rama
Beit Rimon Kerem Rimon neighborhood
Beit Shemesh Ben Zakai
Beit Shemesh 8 Ben Azai Ratzpert
Beit Shemesh 6 HaAdmor MiBelz Belz
Beit Shemesh 2 Brisk Kahal Chassidim
Beit Shemesh 4 Nachal Gilo Across from B”K Chassidim
Beit Shemesh Dover Shalom
Beit Shemesh 6 Hillel HaRam"a