Our regular sheimos collection bins are designed to handle normal amounts of household sheimos. We also provide special services for large concentrations of sheimos removal. There will be a fee, based on weight, to partially cover the cost of this service.

Removal Method

We provide a large empty sack, to be filled with sheimos and set outside at a prearranged time across from our office at pick-up points, which are accessible to our crane-bearing truck.
To order sheimos removal press here

Public Institutions

We provide the collection of sheimos from public institutions such as schools, educational academies, synagogues and yeshivos which regularly accumulate large quantities of sheimos.
For those who wish to obtain sheimos collection bins for regular use, we recommend that they purchase 1,100 liter capacity plastic carts with wheels (like trash bins), whose contents fill a sack.  The blue cart for paper has wheels for easy transfer, and can be locked as needed. These carts are manufactured by companies such as Chevrat Dolev, Kvutzat Alon and others.

Publishers and Bookbinders

We collect and remove sheimos from publishers of sifrei kodesh, parsha sheets and other printed materials which require sheimos.
We work in cooperation with the Vaad Hahalacha l’Inyanei Gniza, which gives kashrut certification to those publishers and bookbinders who are careful to properly dispose of the surplus and by-products of the printing process which require sheimos.

Individual Requests

The sheimos collection bins are only designed to handle normal amounts of sheimos. When very large quantities (at least 15-20 trash bins full) require disposal, such as to clean out an estate or after a fire, etc., you can contact us to arrange a time for us to come and remove the sheimos directly from the location.

Special Events, Conferences, and Memorial Events (Yarzheits  /Hilulim)

At Torah events and Yartzheits of tzaddikim (such as prayer and inspirational rallies, Lag b’Omer in Meiron, Yarchei Kalla, Siyum of Shas, and others), it is common for Torah sheets to be distributed for the merit of the public. Since people don’t usually take these materials with them after the event, sacred writings end up strewn around in a disgraceful manner, or even thrown in the trash by street cleaners.
To prevent this, one should refrain from passing out Torah materials, especially those which contain holy names of Hashem. If in any case Torah materials will be distributed, one may pre-arrange with us for sheimos removal services at the end of the event, or any other help you need, such as placing trash bins for sheimos at Yartzheits, supplying empty sacks, and more.