We provide a center for halachic and practical advice on everything related to sheimos, including answering halachic inquiries, advice on sheimos-free advertising, advice on how to minimize the production of sheimos and preventing the disgrace of sacred articles and writings.
These services are available free of charge, as often as needed.

Advice to Sales and Advertising Agencies

Advertising nowadays targets each ‘sales pitch’ to a specific audience. That’s where the idea of including quotes from sacred texts in ads and posters aimed at the religious and Chareidi population started.
Since most people don’t realize that these ads contain sheimos, they are disposed of in a demeaning way, which is prohibited by Jewish law. That’s aside from the problem of making use of something sacred for the purpose of improving one’s business and sales.
For this reason we provide free advice for how to keep advertising sheimos-free. This service is provided confidentially.
Among those who receive this service are 6 Chareidi telephone books (such as the Madrich haChareidi, the Mafteyach ha’Ir, and the Yellow Pages), who receive yearly certification that they are sheimos-free, and may be recycled.

לחץ כאן

Publishers, Printers, Bookbinders and Copiers

Whenever a book is published, there are many by-products and flawed printings which are often used for the production of recycled paper.  Recycling companies utilize these by-products to manufacture disposable household paper products such as toilet paper, tissue, diapers and the like. (This discarded paper from the publishing of sifrei kodesh is in high demand, as the processing of such paper is very cheap and easy and produces high quality raw materials).
In order to prevent this serious transgression of recycling sacred writings, we’ve been working actively for about 12 years in cooperation with the ‘Vaad Halacha l’Inyanei Gniza’, which was established expressly to ensure that publishing, printing and bookbinding industries should not transfer the by-products of their factories for recycling, but send them instead to sheimos.
For a list of certified publishers and bookbinders, press here.
The Vaad haHalacha l’Inyanei Gniza:  Telephone:  (02)624-7814  Fax: (02)624-7819

Educational Lectures and Classes

Rabbi Yechezkel Feinhandler, shlit”a, the author of the sefer Ginzei HaKodesh, is available to speak on the topic of sheimos, about the halachos of sheimos and respect for sefarim.  Classes are also available on sheimos-free advertising methods.  This service is provided free of charge.
Ordering Educational Materials
Various educational materials are available in our office for educational centers and teaching professionals.  This material covers various sheimos-related topics: an explanation of the procedure of sheimos disposal, halachic matters, and more.
A demonstration of sheimos collection is available for children.  During this exciting activity the children participate in the actual removal of the sheimos while learning about different types of sheimos and their importance. This service is provided free of charge.

Halachic Inquiries

We operate a hotline that offers halachic advice on all genizah-related topics: What requires gniza, what to do with gniza and more. Call 02-6412130/ 08-9740876 or click here to submit a question.