Discarding our holy sefarim is prohibited as stated in the Shulchan Aruch (Yoreh Dayah, Siman 232).

We are merited to be blessed with an unprecedented amount of sefarim being printed that was never imagined in previous generations. However, this blessing has a drawback as it causes many holy sefarim to be discarded in the streets, and even in garbage bins, and necessitates a great responsibility on behalf of the people to deal with this problem.

Additionally, to my great sorrow, some of these sefarim are placed in recycling bins where, because of their high quality, are used for toilet paper and tissues. This degradation is immeasurable.

This grave situation prompted a group of individuals to find a solution by founding the Gniza Klallit Organization and placing shaimos bins throughout Israel. This enables each person to dispose of their shaimos in honor according to Halacha.

The Gniza Klallit Organization was the first of its kind to organize the collecting and disposing of shaimos according to Halacha, and we must be extremely grateful to them for undertaking this holy task.

I wish them much bracha and hatzlacha in all their work.