The honor that the Jewish nation accords the Torah also manifests itself in honoring the holy sefarim by not allowing them to be desecrated.

In recent times, we witnessed an enormous amount of holy sefarim that are not treated with the proper dignity to prevent them from being desecrated when no longer in use. As a result, these sefarim are discarded and wallow in disgrace.

This situation inspired the founding of the Gniza Klallit Organization to find a solution to this problem by placing shaimos bins throughout Israel. These bins collect all types of shaimos which are later buried according to halacha.

We should be extremely grateful to the organization’s staff for their noble work of collecting and burying shaimos according to Halacha; and, as the amount of nationwide shaimos increases, there is a necessity to increase placement of shaimos bins. Additionally, the organization constantly receives new requests from settlements and city neighborhoods for shaimos bins and collections.

I therefore appeal to anyone who’s concerned about the honor of Hashem, to have shaimos bins placed as many areas as possible. This will ensure that all shaimos can be collected and buried according to halachah, and will avoid a profanation of Hashem’s honor.