Gniza Klalit’ was established in 1986 (the letters of the Hebrew year spell ‘sheimos’), for the purpose of handling sheimos (holy names (of G-d) and everything else which requires special treatment in accordance with Jewish law).

Gniza (‘sheimos’) means every item that has religious sanctity, which one may not dispose of in a degrading manner but must treat with respect when it is worn out or no longer in use, and bury it in the ground. Our organization handles sheimos with reverence and care, in accordance with halacha and with proper consideration for environmental protection.

The organization has 8 board members, 9 staff members, and approximately 10 volunteers. The director is Rabbi Eliezer Bundheim.

Our activities extend across 130 cities and settlements in Israel, and serve every local Jewish resident. The following benefit from our services: 130 regional and religious jurisdictions, more than 600 public institutions and synagogues, and around 40 publishing houses and bookbinders.

Our projects are in the following areas:

  • Providing collection bins, collecting and burying sheimos
  • Caring for Torah Scrolls
  • Education and public awareness, and minimizing the production of sheimos

Our organization merited the approbations of Gedolei Yisrael from the entire spectrum of Jewish observance.
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