Educational Projects

Gniza Klalit works to increase public awareness of the importance of sheimos and of treating sacred items and texts with proper respect. We believe that increased awareness will prevent the disgrace of sacred items and help ensure the proper handling of sheimos.
We distribute educational brochures and compact discs of halacha classes on the subject. We also recently publish the halachic seferGinzei Hakodesh’ on the laws of sheimos and proper honor of sefarim.
Our special department for children’s education provides activities for pre-school children, such as a fascinating demonstration of a sheimos collection bin being emptied, and the sale of the children’s book, ‘Shimmy B’Ikvut Sheimos’ (‘Shimmy in Search of Sheimos’) about the process of properly handling sheimos and honoring sacred writings.

Working to Minimize the Quantity of Sheimos at the Source

Our organization puts much effort in reducing the production of unnecessary sheimos through teaching advertisers and advertising agencies about this subject.  We approach them directly, asking them to avoid using sacred quotes in mundane printed materials. Alternative methods of effective sheimos-free advertising are offered, free of charge.
These meetings come about as a result of ads which contain sheimos, or as a preventative measure. Thousands of such meetings were held over the course of the years. We periodically publicize authoritative halachic rulings on this subject in newspapers, as well.
As a result of increased awareness of the implications and details of the laws, we estimate that the production of sheimos has been reduced by approximately 30%.
We provide many hours of assistance and advice to publishers of educational and fund-raising brochures on how to prevent the unnecessary use of sheimos in various forms in advertising.  Six phonebooks currently undergo our evaluation each year and are certified for recycling when they are no longer needed.
Free lectures on the subject of sheimos-free advertising are also available for interested parties such as graphic artists and sales agencies.